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Become a $RAP FOUNDER by purchasing one of 4 NFTS.  We have 4 different entry levels so everyone has equal access into the Guerrilla Music ecosystem.  HODLERS of this NFT will be part of the Guerrilla Music camaraderie and be the beneficiary of tons of Utility. 
Check out the link and read about the perks of being a member of our Camaraderie. Become a $RAP Head, become a Guerrilla!
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TEAM $RAP UP is a P2E Charity ICE Poker Guild. 100% of all the funds from the NFTs from this collection will go directly to purchasing more ICE wearables and ICE wearable upgrades.

How it works: 1. You Buy our CHARITY GUILD NFT 2. We use 100% of the donations to purchase ICE wearables during mint or on secondary 3. We will aim to purchase 5 wearables before we start making our monthly donations through the Become Love Foundation. 4. The first 5 wearables will be allocated towards "Color the Blockchain'. 100% of our donations go to buying people computers, internet

More about the Charity:
1. The ice earnings will get split 50/50 between more wearables /upgrades & funding our Become Love Foundation initiatives.
2. Become Love Foundation is the community branch of Guerrilla Music.
3. Become Loves current initiative is the 'Color The Blockchain' charity.
4. Color the block is a Charity initiative by the become love Foundation.
5. Providing the people equal access through resources and education. Computers, internet and web3 education for all!


What you get as a Donator:

  1. your name on the guilds wall of fame - Wall of fame will be on the raptoken.xyz site and on a wall inside the 'House Of Mizo' DCL parcel

  2. Your name on the back of our seasonal jerseys. (Every 3 months, we will mint a New Jersey)

NFT can be resold, but the wearable and wall name placements will not be effective until the quarterly reset

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