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A founders token gives you membership into the $RAP HEADZ eco-system. $RAP was founded by Guerrilla Music with the vision of giving away all ownership to the international hip-hop community through decentralized ownership. Purchasing a membership (FOUNDERS COIN NFT) is different than purchasing our currency “$RAP TOKEN”.  Wallets holding NFT gives them a life time membership.  In addition to being life time member, the holder is a Founders member, which will always give them more benefits than members who join us later. You are not only a member, you are an owner. $RAP is all of ours, Rise.All.People


Founders Memberships will be available for a limited time. Then we will move onto a general membership solution.



In addition to the utility listed in the description of your FOUNDERS COIN NFT, your additional benefits are as follows:



  • Earn 1000 $RAP once a month (Must be a member for a minimum of 30 days, airdrop will appear during a random day every month to avoid cheating) *Will be valid until further notice.

  • Have an equal vote on select topics concerning the $RAP HEADZ community

  • Access to our token gated calendar that lets you book a release date which is shared by the community. No one is forced to share, however those who do will receive 25 $RAP per share (Until further notice)

  • Will receive a $RAP HEADZ NFT when it is launched. $RAP HEADZ NFTs are 8888 Unique 3d rendered $RAP characters

  • Option to pitch a segment and promote your brand/art on our show “NFT $RAP UP” which is powered by HipHopCanada.com

  • Option to have logos of your band or brand appear on the walls of our $RAP CITY multi-game inside SANDBOX (Subject to approval by the $RAP community)

  • Option to contribute assets for our Sandbox multi-game (Subject to approval by the $RAP community)

  • Option to have your music played inside $RAP CITY, our multi-game inside SANDBOX (Subject to approval by the $RAP community)

  • Participate in our Metaverse concerts

  • Get your music played on regular rotation inside the Metaverse, during the Party & Bullish DJ set, which is powered by the Largest community in DCL, Decentral.Games

  • Participate in our MetaVerzus season’s? (What is Metaverzus: A show inside Decentraland that brings 7 songs from two artists, plays them back to back, the people vote using $RAP on Rapvote.xyz

  • More opportunities will be shared with the FOUNDERS COIN NFT holders.

  • This site will have the up to date Benefits, we are currently testing the benefits and how they work best.





Keep doing what you are already doing, you joined us because you are the culture.


We have some suggestions below, where you can find a few ways to make the most of your membership and show unity, as a decentralized community, one person wins, everyone wins.



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How to get more out of your $RAP while helping the team


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Technical info about $RAP (The currency)


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How to get more out of your $RAP while helping the team


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Polygon Pairs: $RAP/USDC - $RAP/MATIC - $RAP/WETH


-Weekly rewards, every 7 days of LP-

(Rewards may include random NFTS, Wearables and $RAP)



Use this form and send us some more information so we can stay in touch. We don’t want you to miss out.  Only fill out what you are comfortable with.

Thanks for joining the movement!

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