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RapHeadz PFP NFT Collection dropping 2023

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Name: Guerrilla Music Token
Value: No monetary value, $RAP is
a community token that can be
earned by participating and used to
buy music services from within the community


$RAP HEADZ Announces Move to Hybrid Approach, Empowering Community

Toronto, CA - $RAP HEADZ, is King Mizo's innovative hip hop and social impact community.  We are pleased to announce that we will be transitioning to a hybrid approach to better serve our community. With this move, $RAP HEADZ aims to provide a more decentralized approach while maintaining quality control on all releases.

Guerrilla Music, the parent company of $RAP HEADZ, will continue to oversee the official releases of music projects, live events, and merchandise with the final say on quality and messaging. At the same time, the community members will be empowered to create and submit their own music projects, community collaborations, and virtual or in-person events. Guerrilla Music will open up feature slots on select albums from King Mizo/Unknown Mizery, Babylon Warchild & Empty Handed Warriors

Some key details of the $RAP HEADZ hybrid approach:

  • All official releases will be done through Guerrilla Music Distribution accounts.

  • Artists will be given full control over their song splits.

  • Guerrilla Music will not take any percentage of the song splits.

  • The community member(s) who submitted the initiative will receive 80% of all profits from merchandise and event sales.

  • Guerrilla Music will retain 20% of profits to maintain the platform and ensure quality control.

  • The $RAP HEADZ Merch, Live events, and Music Projects (excluding singles) will have to be approved by Guerrilla Music to ensure quality and messaging.

  • All community initiatives will be reviewed by the Guerrilla Music team before being approved.

"Since its inception, $RAP HEADZ has been about bringing together musicians and artists from around the globe to create meaningful and impactful music. With our new hybrid approach, we're taking things to the next level by empowering the community to create their own music projects, events, and merchandise while ensuring quality control and maintaining the integrity of our brand. We're excited to see what our talented and passionate community members will create," said the $RAP HEADZ team.

This move to a hybrid approach is just the latest in $RAP HEADZ's commitment to being a community-driven platform. By giving community members more control and decision-making power, $RAP HEADZ is proving once again that it's a platform for the people, by the people.

Welcome to the crew!

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